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- Nicole Vienneau
30 Strengths-Based Coaching Questions to Ask Your Clients
A great Integrative Nurse Coach® enhances their clients’, patients’, and community’s strengths.  It’s in your nature to elevate others and help people feel their best! It’s usually easy for us to rattle off a list of flaws, imperfections, and failings, and perhaps not so easy to disclose positives, celebrations, and attributes. This is why it’s […]
Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy
- Love Hawkins, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC, CNM, NC-BC
The Future is Here: American Nurses Association Recognizes Cannabis Nursing as a Specialty
Does ANA officially recognize cannabis nursing? YES! We’re standing on the precipice of a healthcare revolution, and the American Nurses Association (ANA) has made it official: Cannabis Nursing is a recognized nursing specialty. Years of hard work by our friends at the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Cannabis Nursing Network have made what was once a controversial […]
Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy
- Lindsay Johnson
Alumni Book Club: Built to Move, by Kelly and Juliet Starrett
Welcome to the game-changing book of the year: Built to Move, by Kelly and Juliet Starrett. Well, for me anyway. Since I read this book last April, my step count has increased, my mobility has improved, I’m sitting less and standing more, my relationship with food has shifted, I’ve gained a lot of muscle, and […]
Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy
- Monika Chudoba, BSN, NC-BC
I Graduated INCA and Got Board Certified. Now What?
Over a year ago, I finished Integrative Nurse Coach® Certificate Program (INCCP) with a clear vision for my business. I knew my long-term goal was to own a private coaching practice, while my short-term goal was to take small digestible steps towards the bigger goal. I would coach when I could, grow professionally, learn more […]
Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy
- Nicole Vienneau
2023 Survey Says Nurses are Less Satisfied than in 2021
I’ve been blessed to use my Integrative Nurse Coaching skills at a local hospital to focus on enhancing the wellbeing of fellow Nurses.  As a recovering burned out Nurse, turned Integrative Nurse Coach®, I am perfectly positioned to empathize and understand what Nurses do on a daily basis and how I can support and love […]
Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy
- Christie L. RN, BSN, NC
The Role of a Nurse Coach in Promoting Patient Compliance and Achieving Results
The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and with it, the role of nurses has expanded beyond traditional patient care. One such emerging role is that of a nurse coach. A nurse coach plays a vital role in promoting patient compliance and achieving positive outcomes. We will explore the significance of a nurse coach, their responsibilities, […]
Integrative Nurse Coach® Academy